Slash Operating Costs With Zero Cap Ex Commercial Solar

Cut energy costs with a solar array you own requiring zero upfront investment through our proprietary energy savings program.

  • Zero upfront capital expenditure

    Our model transforms tax liability into payments for a cost reducing solar asset that you own.

  • Instant positive cash flow from day one

    Say goodbye to the typical 7-8+ year ROI payback period. Our commercial solar program delivers an instant ROI from day one using tax payments to pay for the solar array instead of going to the IRS.

  • Pay as you save investment model

    Your system pays for itself by using a percentage of its energy savings to slowly pay down the initial cost of the entire setup.


20%-60% energy bill reduction

Adaptable systems for all property sizes

Adaptable systems for all property sizes in the U.S.


Immediate Positive Cash Flow

Complementary system maintenance

Full 25-year system warranty

See How Our Energy Savings Program Works

Through our ESP program businesses get solar panels with zero upfront expense, because the project is 100% paid for by incentives. We are able to pay for the cost of your solar system (that you own) by front loading available federal and state subsidies.

You merely share a portion of the tax savings with us until the project is paid off.

  • Creates positive cash flow from day one
  • No upfront expense, simply pass along the equal value of the tax benefits you would have otherwise paid the Federal government
  • You own outright and don’t share profits with a bank
  • Free maintenance until the system is paid off
  • No risk of performance; if it doesn’t produce electricity, you don’t share savings
  • If you sell your facility, contract is freely assignable

Royal Envelope in Illinois were able to pay for this solar system using their tax payments that would've gone to the IRS, but instead turned into a solar system they owned saving them $39k a year by year one.

Business Solar Panels for any property type

Whether you have 10,000 or 10 million square feet of roof space, we help you create a quality-focused energy solution that instantly increases property value while drastically lowering overhead. We have completed projects for dozens of privately owned and publicly traded Fortune 500 Manufacturing companies across their entire portfolio of facilities.

Plastics Manufacturing Facility – $4.3M Energy Savings

  • Solar Capacity: 1.63 mW
  • Annual Savings: $175,000/year
  • Energy Offset: 15% of Electricity Offset by the Sun

Palatine Toyota – $1.9M Energy Savings

  • Solar Capacity: 2.6 mW
  • Annual Savings: $75,000/year
  • Energy Offset: 30% of Electricity Offset by the Sun

444 Social Apartments – $1.8M Energy Savings

  • Solar Capacity: 500 kW
  • Annual Savings: $72,000/year
  • Energy Offset: 30% of Electricity Offset by the Sun

Packaging Personified – $1.2M Energy Savings

  • Solar Capacity: 452 kW
  • Annual Savings: $40,000/year
  • Energy Offset: 20% of electricity offset by the sun
Roof Size (sq ft) Estimated Annual Savings 25-Year Savings

Assumptions: 180 degree tilt, 5.5 cents/kWh, 933 kWh annual production per 1 kW of solar

Maximize your energy savings, in any climate

Even in cold, rainy, and cloudy Illinois, our commercial solar systems deliver high-six to multiple seven figures in energy savings over the course of ownership.

The obvious path to maximizing your energy savings thrilling CFOs.

  • Consultation & System Design

    Our experts will assess your facility’s energy needs and design a custom solar proposal with our program.

  • Rapid Installation

    Once your plan is approved, our experienced team will efficiently install your solar system, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

  • Immediate day-one energy savings

    Start saving on your energy bills from the moment your solar system is activated, with zero upfront costs.

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