Arizona Governor Attends Ceremony for New 2 GW Solar Project

The sun-baked deserts of Arizona are set to become a hub for sustainable energy. The ceremony for the 300-MW Box Canyon Solar Project recently took place in Pinal County to commend the Southwest Public Power Agency (SPPA). BrightNight, in collaboration with Cordelio Power, lead the development, making it the first project in their ambitious 2 GW Arizona portfolio. The event was attended by Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs.

Project Overview:

The Box Canyon Solar Project, boasting a capacity of 300 MW, is strategically located near the Town of Florence. This marks the largest renewable energy procurement in SPPA’s history. BrightNight CEO Martin Hermann, SPPA President of the Board Ken Robbins, and local leaders were in attendane. Governor Katie Hobbs emphasized the project’s role in ensuring Arizona’s potential for solar energy. 

Economic Impact and Job Creation:

Central Arizona Colleges electrician program

Central Arizona Colleges electrician program

An economic impact study by Elliott Pollack and Associates estimates a $47 million boost to Pinal County during the construction period, generating 300 American jobs. Once operational, the project is expected to contribute an additional $134 million to the local economy through property taxes, wages, and more.

Community Engagement and Scholarships:

CEO Martin Hermann announced plans to support technical education by sending 50 students through the Central Arizona College’s electrician program over the next five years.

Collaboration with Arizona State Land Department:

Box Canyon Solar Project

BrightNight Solar Collaboration

From the project’s inception, BrightNight worked closely with the Arizona State Land Department (ASLD) to secure a site on State Trust Land. This is expected to result in over $65 million in lease payments over the project’s lifespan. These funds will be allocated to the State of Arizona land trust, benefiting various sectors such as K-12 education, university education, state hospitals, and the department of corrections.

A Glimpse into the Future:

The Box Canyon Solar Project is a broader vision for Arizona’s clean energy future. The ambitious 2 GW portfolio, spanning three counties, is poised to create over 800 local skilled jobs and generate substantial tax revenue. This collective effort underscores Arizona’s commitment to sustainable growth and positions the state as a leader in the renewable energy sector.

As Arizona breaks ground on the Box Canyon Solar Project, it sends a powerful message about the state’s dedication to clean energy, economic development, and community welfare. Governor Katie Hobbs’ presence at the event highlights government support in fostering sustainable initiatives.