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Experienced commercial solar contractor serving Cook and Kane County. We offering comprehensive solar solutions for large facilities from financing, installation, to battery storage. Our proprietary program combined with federal and states incentives offers Elgin businesses a sensible path for investing in solar without the large upfront expense.

ComEd offers generous solar tax rebates on your solar installation, for as much as $250/kW rebate on qualifying solar systems.

Our proprietary energy savings program offers flexible financing options for any type of business to increase the ROI of your solar project. We guarantee no fees for our commercial solar consultations and analysis of your power usage. Call us today to get a comprehensive solar proposal to compare against our competitors. We promise you’ll be pleased!

Solar Panels for Businesses

We offers small and bigger companies affordable and flexible commercial solar programs that may include financing offers, depending on your power needs. Our solar partners have been developing new technologies to increase solar panels’ efficiency and extend the life of each unit.

Before purchasing your system, a thorough energy usage audit will be conducted to give you a breakdown on how much you could save per year. Call us now to discuss our commercial solar options and get qualified for a tax rebate or incentive from the state. Generate more solar power and generate more savings!

Proprietary Energy Savings Payment Model

The Energy Savings Payment Model (ESP) is an exclusive offering from and our Illinois solar partner, specifically designed for businesses in Illinois. This innovative model blends the best features of traditional solar models into a groundbreaking hybrid approach. Clients benefit from tax advantages, reduced upfront costs, increased property value, and immediate energy savings. As clients save on energy, we share a percentage of these savings to help cover the system’s cost. Our solar contractor takes on all risks and provides free system maintenance until it is fully paid off.

  • Generates positive cash flow from the first day.
  • No upfront costs; simply pass along the equivalent value of the tax benefits you would otherwise pay to the Federal government.
  • You own the system outright and don’t share profits with a bank.
  • Free maintenance until the system is paid off.
  • Solar equipment enhances the value of your business assets.
  • No performance risk; if the system doesn’t produce electricity, you don’t share savings.
  • The contract can be freely assigned if you sell your facility.

Whether you are an Elgin manufacturing company, building owner, high operating cost facility, hotel, or auto dealer, solar energy presents a significant cost-saving opportunity. With our program and the attractive federal and Illinois solar incentives, many clients reduce operating costs by 15-40% without a large capital outlay.

We cover the cost of your solar system (which you own) by utilizing available federal and state subsidies upfront. You just share a portion of the tax savings with us until the project is fully paid off, ensuring immediate positive cash flow and ROI from month one. We provide batter storage installation and commercial solar systems.

About Elgin, IL

A vibrant city in Illinois where the sun’s rays illuminate not only its charming streets but also power the sustainable energy revolution. Nestled along the banks of the Fox River, Elgin embraces a rich history and a forward-thinking spirit. At, we are proud to bring solar solutions to this dynamic community. Serving the diverse zip codes, including 60120, 60123, and 60124, our commitment extends to landmarks like the iconic Elgin Tower Building, a symbol of the city’s architectural heritage. Explore the rejuvenated downtown, featuring the Grand Victoria Casino, or bask in the natural beauty of Lords Park, known for its majestic pavilion and the historic Lords Park Zoo. As we harness the power of the sun for a sustainable tomorrow, we invite Elgin residents and businesses to join us in building a greener, brighter future for our community.

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  • Proprietary Energy Savings Program Used by Fortune 500 Corps
  • Leverage the Federal ITC to Pay for Your Solar System
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  • Immediate ROI
  • Battery Storage Options
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