December 30, 2021

Commercial Solar Joilet

Joilet Commercial Solar Company

Looking for commercial solar power to reduce energy expenses? You’re in luck because right now Joilet businesses can access some of the best solar panels incentives in the country. The State of Illinois has began another fund to help spur mass adoption of renewable energy projects including commercial solar. Our Energy Savings model combined with the states’s SREC’s, ComEd Smart Inverter Rebate and Federal solar tax credit results in immediate energy bill reduction that does not require a huge upfront investment, lease, loan from a bank, or having another 3rd party own the solar array through a PPA. ComEd‘s smart inverter rebate and the Illinois SREC’s are capped. Time is of the essence you get in line to receive these subsidies. We have already began the paperwork filings for our clients to help them secure these incentives.

Energy Savings Payment Model

The Energy Savings Payment Model (ESP) is unique to Solar One and combines benefits from each traditional solar model into an innovative unique model where the client retains the tax advantages, reduces the upfront expense, expediting ROI, increase property value, and receives immediate energy savings. As the client receives energy cost savings, Solar One is delivered a percentage of those savings to help pay down the system’s cost. Best of yet, Solar One assumes all risk and maintains the system for free until the system is paid off.

  • Creates positive cash flow from Day 1.
  • No upfront expense, simply pass along the equal value of the tax benefits you would have otherwise paid the Federal government.
  • You own outright and don’t share profits with a bank.
  • Free maintenance until the system is paid off.
  • Solar equipment increases the value of your company assets.
  • No risk of performance; if it doesn’t produce electricity, you don’t share savings.
  • In the event you sell your facility, Solar One contract is freely assignable.
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A Look at the Numbers

For Example, Even in Cold and Cloudy Joliet…

50,000 square foot roof top = $1 million in savings over 25 years

100,000 square foot roof = $2 million in savings over 25 years

1.333 = production factor in Illinois for example (if at 180 degree tilt)

1.333 x 700 kw = annual kWh (kilowatt-hour) produce in year = 933

A kilowatt hour is when you add in your supply delivery, taxes, conservatively worth $0.08 = 1 kWh

Supply rate on average = 5.5

Take $0.08 x 933 (annual kwH produced in a year)

= ~$70,000/year in savings

Which = $6,000/month in electricity savings

Or ~$2 million in savings over 25 year warrantied life.

We have completed projects for dozens of privately owned and publicly traded Fortune 500 Manufacturing companies across Illinois their entire portfolio of facilities with many more Illinois projects in and near Champaign.

Book a Call with our Senior Project Developer to Learn How We Can DRASTICALLY Cut Your Energy Bills by owning your own solar array across all your facilities.

Local Solar Energy Company

We help Joilet companies organizations cut their electricity bills by 10-30% with solar that requires ZERO upfront investment or capital expenditure.

We are able to pay for the cost of your solar system (that you own) by front loading available federal and state subsidies.

There is zero upfront expense, because the project is 100% paid for by incentives.

You merely share a portion of the tax savings with us until the project is paid off.

This ensures immediate positive cash flow and ROI by month one.

No more 8-9 years long wait for ROI from solar.

Our proprietary program that eliminates the upfront investment and risk.

Sounds too good to be true?

Your company must have the tax liability.

Contact us today to learn if you’re a fit.

New Round of 2021 Illinois Solar Incentives

The state of Illinois recently passed a clean energy bill mandating 100% renewable energy by 2050. The new legislation sets aside $500 million in subsidies to the Illinois and Joliet residents and businesses for wind and solar.

The subsidies are a 350% increase on investments made on solar in the state. This presents a significant savings opportunities for IL businesses looking to own their own solar array. As such it’s imperative you file the paper work ASAP to secure your portion of these generous subsidies.

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About Joliet, IL

Joliet is a city in Will and Kendall counties in the U.S. state of Illinois. With the 3rd largest population in the state, it has a sprawling, odd shape that extends into nine different townships including Plainfield, Troy, New Lenox, Jackson, Channahon, and Lockport in Will County. The city is centered around the Des Plaines River, Joliet actually expands across both the Des Plaines and DuPage Rivers. Several other waterways traverse through the city limits, including Hickory Creek, Spring Creek, the historic Illinois and Michigan Canal jus to name a few. Small lakes and bodies of water include Chase Lake, Lake Juco, Michigan Beach, the Brandon Road Quarry, and Leisure Lake. Local residents have Joliet Junior College, the nation’s first public community college and University of St. Francis.

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