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Naperville is known for hosting several successful manufacturing companies and as a result that’s increased the average electrical consumption rate. The more visitors and tourists gather in the city, the bigger the amount of power is needed.  It was reported by Electricity Local that the average commercial electricity consumption rate in Naperville, IL is 9.06¢/kWh and the average commercial electricity rate is just 13.39% greater than the Illinois average rate of 7.99¢/kWh. Looking for new alternatives to avoid your bills increasing is definitely the right move right now. Solar panels are leading the way to generate power without spending a lot on installations. You can also take advantage of tax rebates on the amount of solar energy you produce or you can sell your excess power back to the grid. supports the Illinois program in switching to a cleaner, more suistainable energy and has been providing as much as 25% on tax credits and rebates for solar energy produced by companies or businesses. Our commercial solar company will support you every step of the way. From solar system planning, engineering and purchasing, roof positioning and even providing you with tips and maintenance services to extend your solar panels life cycle. Talk to one of our commercial solar engineers to find out how your business could benefit from switching to solar!

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Since 2009,’ main goal has been to provide business owners custom and budget-friendly commercial solar programs to generate enough power for their energy needs. Commercial property owners in the DuPage County can take advantage of the solar rebate programs by the state of Illinois and save more from the ever-increasing electricity bills. HVAC systems are one of the major factors contributing to your energy bills increases and the more customers/employees you have, the more HVAC power you need and the higher the bills.

We are your top solar company in Illinois, helping businesses move to a cleaner and more sustainable energy source. Call one of the numbers listed on our website to get a FREE limited-time commercial solar quotation.

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Com-Sol stands out as your premier choice for solar installation in Naperville, offering tailored solutions that make smarter energy decisions a reality. In comparison to the broader Illinois solar market, our exclusive focus on Naperville ensures that residents benefit from a cost-effective solar experience. As of December 30, 2023, the cost for a 5 kW solar system in 60567 ranges from $12,962 to $17,537, with an impressive 6 to 8.1 years payback period and net 20-year savings between $19,267 and $26,068. Com-Sol leverages the strong solar incentives, including a robust Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), net metering policies, and property tax breaks, making it an opportune time for Naperville homeowners to embrace solar energy. With customization options, financial flexibility, and a commitment to transparency, Com-Sol ensures that your solar journey is seamless and rewarding.

At Com-Sol, we understand that solar decisions go beyond cost, and we empower 60564 residents to customize their solar experience. Whether through personalized solar panels, inverters, or financing options like cash purchases, solar loans, or lease/PPAs, Com-Sol ensures a tailored approach that aligns with both efficiency and aesthetic preferences. In Naperville, where the average solar panel installation costs range from $13,600 to $18,400, Com-Sol stands as your trusted solar ally, providing not just installations but a comprehensive solar solution. With an average payback period of 5.14 years in Naperville, our commitment to customer satisfaction, transparent processes, and reliable solar installations make us the go-to choice for residents seeking a seamless transition to solar energy. Contact Com-Sol today to embark on your personalized journey toward a sustainable and cost-effective energy future.

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Solar Installation in Naperville And Saving $1000s from Tax Rebates

Take advantage of the rebate program that ComEd, an Illinois utility company, is offering to homes and commercial property owners that are switching to solar. You may be eligible for a $250 per kilowatt (kW) of installed solar power on qualifying systems! To learn more about this rebates program, you can reach out to one of commercial solar experts.

Save up to 20% on monthly electricity expenses today! We can customize commercial solar plans to fit around your business needs and within your budget. We offer full commercial solar services that include maintenance, service, repairs, monitoring, insurance and the peace of mind that your solar panels will provide you with power for years to come!