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Our solar company in Illinois USA has decades of experience as the top commercial solar provider in the Peoria County. We guarantee that you will get the most efficient and smartest commercial solar energy solutions, customized according to your business needs and with flexible terms. Our state of the art solar panels are well-known in Illinois for providing efficient and affordable solar power for businesses and local communities.

By partnering with some of the top solar panel manufacturers in the U.S., we have been able to offer the most advanced and latest solar panel technologies to support your business’ energy needs. Our commercial solar engineers are part of a team of experts on commercial designs, microgrids, battery storage system and solar system management.

We help your business save money by generating clean and sustainable energy that can be used instantly on your facility. Our goal is to lower your energy consumption from the grid and save more every year. Our portfolio consists of small and bigger companies that have installed solar panels in their parking lots, schools, farms and even manufacturing facilities. Our goal is generate thousands of megawatts of sustainable and clean energy in the local Peoria area and turn every facility into a clean and green power station.

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Solar for Business in 61528 and Nearby Areas

Solar for Business in 61528 and Nearby Areas

Industrial Solar Panels Installation in 61613 and Nearby Areas

Since we started offering industrial solar panel installations to the Peoria County, have been generated over 200 KW of solar power in private facilities and public organizations. Moreover, ComEd offers solar tax rebates for your investment on your solar installation, for as much as $250/kW on qualified solar systems. As the consumption increases, the energy costs will keep on rising too, so switching to solar is the right thing to do.

We are your professional solar company in Illinois, offering 61607 and nearby cities comprehensive solar solutions for any types of business or organization. For every installation we work on, we strive to reach the top potential of your roofs and help you save more money on electricity.

Our commercial solar solutions include solar system planning, energy usage study, engineering and purchasing, permits and also solar battery storage systems to solve sudden power outages. Call us today to talk to one of our solar engineers and discuss you custom solar system!

Invest and Earn from Switching to Solar

We offer comprehensive and flexible solar plans for small and big companies to help them maximize their solar opportunities. We have several years of experience working with companies in different sectors, helping them turn each project into an efficient power production facility. Our solar experts can be contacted over the phone to discuss your solar and energy storage design. Let’s take your investment into a high ROI move!

Save up to 30% on your monthly bills in Peoria! Our solar services include maintenance, service repairs, monitoring, insurance and the peace of mind that your solar panel will keep on providing enough power for years to come.

Solar Incentives for Peoria, IL

Solar Incentives for 61604 and Nearby Areas

Solar Incentives for 61604 and Nearby Areas

At Com-Sol, we’re committed to not only bringing sustainable energy to your doorstep but also ensuring you benefit from a range of enticing solar incentives. When you choose Com-Sol for your solar needs, you’re not just investing in renewable energy – you’re investing in a future with added financial perks.

Federal Solar Tax Credit:

    • Enjoy a substantial 30% credit on your federal taxes.
    • Offset your initial investment significantly.
    • Make your transition to solar energy financially attractive.

Net Metering Program:

    • Earn credits on your electric bill by selling excess energy back to the utility company.
    • Contribute to a greener environment while putting money back into your pocket.
    • Enhance the financial benefits of your solar investment.

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs):

    • Also known as the Illinois Shines/Adjustable Block Program.
    • Earn certificates based on your solar panel system’s production.
    • Accumulate one certificate for each megawatt-hour of electricity over 15 years.
    • Align with Illinois’ commitment to promoting sustainable energy practices.

Property Tax Exemption:

    • Install a rooftop solar array without an increase in property taxes.
    • Prioritize affordability and accessibility for homeowners.
    • Make solar energy financially advantageous and accessible.

Illinois Solar Rebate Program:

    • Explore eligibility for additional savings through the rebate program.
    • Com-Sol is dedicated to helping you navigate these incentives seamlessly.
    • Ensure your solar journey is not only environmentally responsible but also economically rewarding.

Choose Com-Sol for a sustainable future. Contact us today to explore how you can benefit from these solar incentives and join the renewable energy revolution.

Peoria Electric Utility Company

In Peoria, IL, where Ameren serves as the local electric utility, Com-Sol stands out as the premier solar installation company dedicated to providing sustainable energy solutions. While businesses have the flexibility to choose supply plans through Plug In Illinois, it’s crucial to recognize Ameren’s role in emergencies and ensuring a continuous power supply. At Com-Sol, we seamlessly integrate solar solutions with the existing energy landscape, offering you not only the choice of clean, renewable energy but also a reliable backup during power interruptions. Should you encounter issues like a downed power line or a loss of power, we recommend reaching out to Ameren at (309) 672-5252 for immediate assistance. Trust Com-Sol for all your solar needs, as we prioritize your energy security and strive to provide a seamless and reliable solar experience for our customers in Peoria.

About Peoria, IL 61602

About Peoria, IL 61602

About Peoria, IL

Welcome to Peoria, IL, where is at the forefront of ushering in a solar revolution. Embracing zip codes like 61602, 61603, and 61604, we’re weaving sustainable solutions into the fabric of Peoria’s landscape. From the panoramic vistas of Grandview Drive to the vibrant pulse of Downtown Peoria, our solar services reach diverse areas, ensuring every corner of the city basks in the glow of renewable energy. Landmarks like the Peoria Heights Tower and the Caterpillar Visitors Center stand tall, backed by our commitment to a greener future, mirroring the resilience and innovation of this dynamic city. Join us in illuminating Peoria’s path to sustainability—one zip code, one landmark, and one solar panel at a time.

In the heart of Peoria, is sparking change and embracing a solar-powered future. Our services extend across the city’s neighborhoods, from the historic charm of the Warehouse District to the educational hubs of the Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum and the Peoria Riverfront Museum. With a focus on zip codes 61602, 61603, and 61604, we’re lighting up residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, ensuring that Peoria’s commitment to a greener environment aligns with our solar solutions. Explore the potential of solar energy in this city of progress, where we’re dedicated to weaving sustainability seamlessly into the tapestry of Peoria’s landmarks, areas, and important spaces.

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