April 8, 2020

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Commercial Solar in Waukegan, Illinois

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Solar for Businesses in Waukegan

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It’s time to reduce or eliminate your power bills expenses by switching to solar. We’ve helped thousand of businesses in Illinois save money on their business electricity bills. We are the top rated solar company in Waukegan that offers flexible and affordable solar solutions, focusing on new businesses that are aiming to grow further.

We help business owners switch to solar in an easier way, and make it worth their investment, by developing efficient commercial solar systems. Our commercial solar engineers are experts on developing efficient energy storage systems to increase your savings of 20-30% per year!

Generate clean energy throughout the year and reduce the cost of your operating expenses. As the top commercial solar company in Illinois, our smartest solar panels are developed to increase the energy production even on days when the sun is shining for just a few hours. As part of our comprehensive commercial solar plans, we also conduct on-site surveys, energy consumption analysis, solar panel positioning and financing for the install solar units. We also offer maintenance services to ensure that your panels are functioning 24/7 and to ensure greatest productivity and a higher ROI. Our solar installers are certified on solar installations, construction, electrical and panel positioning analysis.

We offer custom solar plans to fit around your business power needs, while increasing the possibility of a return for your investment. We are a team of commercial solar experts that specializes on commercial solar designing, microgrids, solar battery storage system and facility energy management. Our goal is to help all parking lots, schools, public facilities, farms and manufacturing plants in Waukegan generate solar energy whilst supporting the movement towards energy independence.

Solar for Business in Waukegan, Illinois

Commercial Solar Installations in Waukegan

We started in 2009, offering Waukegan solar installations for schools, private facilities, public buildings, multi-family buildings and even parking lots. Our commercial solar solutions include solar system planning, deep energy usage study, engineering and purchasing, applying for city permits and battery storage systems to ensure that power outages will not cause any problem to your business functionality. Call us today to talk to one our experts and start switching to a cleaner and more sustainable energy.

Our portfolio includes farms, government buildings, multiple site businesses and complex business facilities, as well as manufacturing buildings. Our commercial solar experts are dedicated to deliver the most efficient and sustainable solar solutions for any type of business. Our team of solar engineers are experts in working with customized and complex solar solutions, specialising in grid solar systems, off grid power systems and solar battery storage solutions.

We are the leaders in commercial solar power in Waukegan. We are continuously improving our solar technologies to ensure that your solar system installation is the most efficient solar panel system in the market. Our goal is to help you fight against increasing electricity costs and reduce your operating costs especially for larger facilities. Our flexible solar solutions can offer you the chance to return your investment during the first year of your energy system installation. We will also look at your current financial status to ensure that your investment will not be a burden to your newly-established business.

Multi-Sector Experience in Commercial Solar at Waukegan, Illinois

We offer flexible financing options for any kind of businesses, including manufacturing, packaging, electronics, retailers, distribution, warehouses, cold storage and more in Waukegan. We guarantee no fees for the first solar consultation and a free energy usage analysis report, to calculate how much you will save from switching to solar power. Our portfolio includes commercial system installations on schools, multi-family buildings, farms, manufacturing plants and parking lots, so rest assured that we are experts on large commercial solar projects.

Generating high ROI from your investment is our top priority, as well as ensuring your solar panels are functioning throughout the year with our full service maintenance services. Save more on your operating costs and support the movement to switch to clean energy. Solar One USA provides high-efficiency solar panels for your business in Waukegan. Find out now why we are the top Illinois solar energy company.

Before purchasing your commercial solar system, we will conduct a thorough energy consumption study to provide you with a detailed savings yearly report. This is to highlight how much you will save from switching to solar power. We will also provide you with estimates on how much you could get from local incentives and tax rebates from your state. Plan, install and save more!

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“Net zero cost at the end”

Not only did we get the benefit of having a great project finance in cooperation with Solar One and have it almost have a net zero cost at the end, this has been a tremendous asset to the business, to our image, and to our electric bill.

Gary Vicari

Arlington Toyota/strong>

Commercial Solar Energy Solutions
Not only did we get the benefit of having a great project finance in cooperation with Solar One and have it almost have a net zero cost at the end, this has been a tremendous asset to the business, to our image, and to our electric bill. Gary Vicari Arlington Toyota/strong>
Commercial Solar Energy Solutions

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We offer comprehensive and flexible solar plans for business to help them maximize the solar energy productivity of their sites. Our years of experience working on multi-sites solar projects across different sectors allowed us to become experts in turning each project into an efficient power generating one. Invest and increase your savings by switching to solar!

Save up to 20-30% on your monthly electricity bill for your Waukegan business! We also offer maintenance, service repairs for solar panels, energy generation monitoring, insurance and the peace of mind that your solar panel will keep on generating power for years to come!


Solar One USA
Our commercial solar company in Illinois is built to power up every business in the entire Lake County with a clean and sustainable energy – solar . We provide full commercial solar services in Waukegan, IL that includes custom solar panel roof installation and panel efficiency positioning. We are your top local commercial solar contractor of Illinois.
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