April 10, 2024

Case Study: IL Toyota Dealer Saves $75k a Year by Going Solar

An Aerial View of the 641 kW System in Palatine Illinois

Solar One Illinois is a local commercial solar company that successfully delivers megawatts of solar to organizations and businesses in throughout Illinois. We offer engineered solar solutions that include solar system design, financing, permit application and battery storage solutions. Through our proprietary energy savings program, our portfolio is composed of packaging, companies, multifamily developers, manufacturers, school districts, farms, and corporations across many industries. We maximize your solar investments to earn more savings.

Case Study: Arlington Toyota, Toyota Dealer in Palatine, IL Saves $74k a Year with Solar

Arlington Toyota is located in Palatine, Illinois just outside of Chicago. Wanting to both do their part of reducing carbon emissions and improve margins through lower energy costs, we were referred to speak with management team. About six months later, their solar system was installed with little upfront cost thanks to our proprietary Energy Savings Program. It will power resident’s energy needs for a lifetime of 40 years, saving them $1.5 million in electricity savings over 25 years.

Auto Dealer owner Gary Vicari reflects:

“Not only did we get the benefit of having a great project financed and in cooperation with Solar One and us, and have it almost have a net zero cost at the end.”

  • Solar Capacity: 641 kW
  • Installation Date: 2022
  • Annual Savings: $74,000/year
  • Energy Offset: 30% of Electricity Offset by the Sun

The Challenge

Arlington Toyota, motivated by a dual mission to reduce carbon emissions and improve margins through lower energy costs, sought a sustainable energy solution. Solar One was introduced to the management team as the ideal partner to navigate this green energy journey.

Financial Ingenuity

Recognizing the financial constraints upfront, Solar One leveraged Arlington Toyota’s tax liability to fund the installation. The dealer capitalized on Illinois’ compelling incentives, including the state’s SREC program, Commonwealth Edison’s net metering initiative, and the federal ITC, accelerating the return on investment to positive by month one.

Cutting-Edge Solar Infrastructure

Solar One implemented a state-of-the-art solar system featuring SolarEdge inverters paired with REC Alpha Pure-R400 – 430 Watt panels, creating an impressive 650-kilowatt solar array atop the Toyota dealer’s roof.

Operational and Financial Impact

The solar system, operational since 2022, is projected to power the dealership for a lifetime of 40 years, resulting in estimated electricity savings of $1.5 million over 25 years. The installation boasts a substantial solar capacity of 641 kW, offsetting 30% of electricity consumption and contributing to a greener, more sustainable operation.

Net Metering Compounding Savings

The net metering program enabled Arlington Toyota to realize compounded year-over-year savings. Excess credits generated during peak solar production in the summer months were seamlessly utilized during the winter, ensuring consistent energy cost reduction.


Arlington Toyota’s partnership with Solar One exemplifies the potential for commercial solar to deliver substantial financial gains while contributing to a sustainable, eco-friendly future. For businesses seeking a commercial solar solution with a compelling ROI in Illinois, Solar One stands ready to illuminate the path to clean, cost-effective energy. Contact us today for your personalized commercial solar quote.

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