May 15, 2024

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Proprietary Energy Savings Program

Looking for a sensible way to reduce operating costs? We’ve eliminated all the barriers for businesses to go solar. We’ve installed over 10 megawatts of solar from Fortune 500 facilities manufacturing to private label packaging corporations. Speak with our team today for a free savings proposal.

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Providing Nevada Businesses Millions in Energy Cost Savings

Going solar in Nevada can save you up to 50% in electricity costs considering the state pays 6% more than the national average. For businesses in Nevada looking to offset the expensive cost of setting up a solar system, we have created a unique payment model that helps you pay off a commercial solar system in Nevada without putting up any upfront payment. We are the one commercial solar company in Nevada offering this unique Proprietary Energy Savings Payment model. And here is how it works.

Proprietary Energy Savings Payment Model Beats Our Competitors

Our proprietary payment model is available to any business with a tax liability. With this, we combine the benefits of traditional solar models into a unique hybrid approach. By taking advantage of federal and state incentives, our commercial solar company in Nevada ensures clients receive tax advantages, eliminate upfront expenses, and boost property value while achieving sustainability goals and enjoying immediate cost savings.

The best part is, that we also take care of everything post-installation which include free fix until the panels are paid off. And, if you decide to sell your building, the contract can easily be transferred to the new owner. But, here is the catch. As the number one commercial solar company Nevada businesses can depend on, you simply share a portion of tax savings with us until the project is paid off, resulting in immediate returns without the usual waiting period. Schedule a consultation with our Senior Project Developer today to explore our proprietary payment model for your solar project.

Solar Economics Example for NV Businesses

As one of the sunniest states in the country, Nevada gets an average of 5,296 kJ/m² of sunlight annually. In Las Vegas, It is sunny 87.6% of daylight hours. The remaining 12.4% of daylight hours are likely cloudy or with shade, haze, or low sun intensity. With this level of sunlight, a commercial solar company in Nevada can set up a 50,000-square-foot solar system that generates up to 8 MW of solar electricity annually. This system can save you over $1 million in electricity costs per year and nearly $30 million through its lifespan. A system this size would set you back between 1-2 million. When compared to the potential savings, this makes solar a lucrative option in Nevada, especially considering our Energy Savings Payment which pays for your system upfront. Get in touch with our experts today and start enjoying savings from clean energy.

2024 Nevada Commercial Solar Incentives

Business Investment Tax Credit (ITC): The Investment Tax credit is a federal solar incentive that pays 30% of your solar cost in tax credits. Businesses in Nevada with tax liability can have the IRS subtract a portion of their tax cost from what they owe.NV commercial solar panels

Net metering: Net metering allows solar users to decrease energy bills by sending excess solar energy back to the grid. Nevada businesses can get energy credits to pay for electricity for days when their solar system does not generate enough energy. Nevada has been at the forefront of favorable net metering policies as the state pays one of the highest rates in the country.

Read our full guide on commercial rebates here.

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