December 30, 2021

Solar For Schools

Going Solar For Schools

Solar Panels for Schools
Solar One is a Texas based leading provider of solar solutions for colleges, universities and school districts. We seek to bring energy savings and sustainability practices to public and private educational institutions. With 20+ completed solar projects for schools totalling 3+ megawatts, Solar One USA brings robust experience in overseeing project completions from design, financing, construction, to maintenance. We also strive to go the extra mile by developing solar curriculum and other means of academic enrichment for our school clients.

According to the National Solar Schools Census, there are 3,752 K-12 schools with solar installations, which means nearly 2.7 million American students attend schools with solar energy systems. It’s estimated that over 30 years the schools will collectively see $2.8 billion in energy savings. Beyond the progressive message it sends to students, parents, and the community, it’s simply a smart financial investment in energy security and savings.

More from the Solar Foundation’s report, Brighter Future: A Study on Solar in U.S. Schools

The 3,727 PV systems have a combined capacity of 490 megawatts (MW), and generate roughly 642,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity each year,equivalent to $77.8 million worth of utility bills and enough clean, renewable energy to offset 50 million gallons of gasoline.

Solar potential remains largely untapped. Of the 125,000 K-12 schools in the country, up to 72,000 schools (60%) can “go solar” cost-effectively. Approximately 450 individual schools districts have the potential to save more than $1 million over 30 years by installing a solar PV system.

Are you a school, university, or public institution curious about solar? Contact Solar One USA today to review financing options, ROI details, and case studies to get your solar questions answered.