Repurposing Old Solar Panels in Orlando, FL

Repurposing Used Solar Panels

Residents in Orange County have created their “Great Solar Giveaway 2024” event. Orchestrated by IDEAS For Us, an Orlando-based incubator for local eco-action projects, presents a chance for individuals and businesses to expand solar energy solutions using free used solar panels.

By repurposing 5,808 partially used solar panels, (around 2.6 feet by 5.2 feet, weighing 33 pounds) and rated at 175 watts, this initiative fosters renewable energy practices within the community. From February 26 to March 31, residents, businesses, and enthusiasts alike are invited to partake in this event, with no restrictions on the number of panels one can acquire.

The versatility of these solar panels enables a wide range of applications. Whether it’s charging batteries, illuminating spaces, or facilitating irrigation systems,  they are quite useful even after a lifetime of use With ample resources available online, including Google and YouTube tutorials, individuals can learn how to integrate these panels for their new use, enabling energy independence.

Makes You Ask – Why Haven’t We Done this Before?

history of Orange County

Embedded within the history of Orange County, these panels represent a testament to the region’s commitment to sustainability. Originating from the rooftop of the Orange County Convention Center, these panels have served as a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the path towards a greener future. As solar energy continues to evolve, initiatives like the “Great Solar Giveaway” serve as catalysts for widespread adoption and environmental stewardship.