October 4, 2021

Commercial Solar Indiana

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Solar Panels for Indiana Businesses

Commercial Solar Indiana

Solar One provides commercial solar energy solutions that enable Indiana business operations with tax liability providing easy access to reduced, fixed energy costs for a solar array YOU OWN with no upfront investment. Allowing your C&I solar energy solution to be handled end-to-end by one industry-leading company means investing in a solar project not only designed and built to fit your organization’s current and future energy load profile but also managed and warranted after delivery so your focus can stay on your own operations.

Indiana Commercial Power Savings

Since 2009, we have been helping midwest businesses in manufacturing, packaging, retail, distribution and the alike cut energy costs without the large upfront cost or long wait for ROI. We understand that while most businesses have concern for the environment and pursue sustainability goals, ultimately solar is an economics decision. Our proprietary model focuses on solar project economics that prioritize the bottom line such as pay-back term, return on investment, and overall internal rate of return to ensure that your company is making a good financial decision in solar energy and we provide the in-depth project analytics to prove each projects long-term value.

Our Proprietary Program

We help Illinois corporations and organizations cut their electricity bills by 10-30% with solar that requires ZERO upfront investment.

There is zero upfront expense, because the project is 100% paid for by incentives.

We are able to pay for the cost of your solar system (that you own) by front loading available federal and state subsidies.

You merely share a portion of the tax savings with us until the project is paid off.

This ensures immediate positive cash flow and ROI by month one.

No more 8-9 years long wait for ROI from solar.

Our proprietary program that eliminates the upfront investment and risk.

Solar eliminates 15-20% of your electricity expenses.

Immediate ROI, $0 Cap X Budget.

Sounds too good to be true?

You must have the tax liability.

We have completed projects for dozens of privately owned and publicly traded Fortune 500 Manufacturing companies across their entire portfolio of facilities.

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Indiana Commercial Solar Incentives

For Solar and Wind Technologies

Indiana provides a state property tax deduction for the installation of solar or wind technologies. A form is required that is available here (look for the DLGF section “Deduction Forms” at the bottom of the page). For more information please contact your county tax office or the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance.

Business and Industrial Tax Credits

Additional tax credit programs can be found by visiting the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.

County, City, and Utility Incentives

A database by Energy.gov provides information on local incentives offered by Indiana counties, cities, and utilities. The database sorts information by location, technology, or sector.

Another unique and valuable benefit to working with Com-Sol to design and build your C&I solar panel project is that we use American-Made solar components in our commercial solar energy projects. Procuring American-Made solar panels, steel and aluminum racking, and electrical BOS components, while maintaining project economics is the goal. This is important to us because of the higher quality manufacturing processes, supporting the American workforce and economy, and for reducing our nation’s need for foreign energy by fostering American clean energy independence.

Megawatt Solar Project for a Manufacturing Company

Commercial solar company serving the U.S.

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